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Aim for Success

Our goal is to discover exactly what you need from your firearm, home protection or self protection class.
We will set personal goals for you and then provide you with the knowledge to surpass those goals.
NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course

This course is a two-part blended course consisting of an eLearning portion and a range-based practical portion. Regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation this course will give you the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and operating a pistol safely.

NRA Pistol Simulator Training

In this course we will go over safe gun handling and fundamentals of pistol marksmanship using SIRT pistols and a virtual training system for the safest possible training environment.

Self Defense & Home Protection

Feeling confident in your abilities and knowing what you are capable of at all times and at any location is truly being safe. These classes are designed for the individuals wanting the next level of extra hands on training.


Get comfortable and skilled with common firearms
Thank you for your time. We are sure we can make you “GUN SMART” today!

At My Gun Smart we provide you with the opportunity to become safe, comfortable and effective with the firearms will be handling. We will prepare you for scenarios for which you have questions and even some you haven’t thought about.

We have NRA classes using hands-on, simulation training and give you actual range time to gauge your skills and show you where you should focus. Other concentrations include concealed handgun classes, home protection, personal training and self-protection.

You will leave the class feeling more confident in handling your gun, and your shooting skills will be measurably better.

  • Safety

    Safety in using any firearm must be taken seriously for smooth operation while keeping everyone around you clear of danger. Safety is our number one target.

  • Ammo

    Information is the best equipment we can give you. We will equip you and give you the opportunity to use that knowledge with safe and fun hands-on training.

  • Trigger control

    The shooter should press the trigger smoothly so that the sights remain on the target. If your finger is not pulling straight back, you may be slightly pulling or pushing your muzzle.

  • Aiming

    We want you to get the most out of all your training. Remembering that ignorance is simply not having the knowledge which can be obtained through training and gathering information. When you are careless that is when accidents can happen.

Let us know you interest in our gun classes so we can serve you better. Just answer a few questions, and we will have a solution just for you!


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Our Head Instructor

Certified by the NRA
Derrick Simon
Derrick Simon
Firearms Safety Instructor
Derrick is a retired U.S. Army Veteran with 11 medals & combat campaign ribbons. He specialized in combat weapon operations, having experience using self-defense, combative and weapons trainings. He AIMs to keep your family safe with firearms by teaching you basic to advanced pistol training, home protection and self-defense courses.
Team member
Team member
Team member

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Helpful Packages

We want to help AIM you in the right direction, keeping you and the others around you safe. Having a goal for you to AIM for is a great start, and with all the options we offer we are sure to have something for you. Find out about all of our great options available: group discounts, all-women courses and how you can have your kids attend for free.

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  • We will keep Safety #1 while creating an exciting learning experience.

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  • You and your spouse can have an evening course all to yourselves with no distractions and still enjoy the rest of the night.

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