March 5, 2016

More About Us

We customize training for your individual level of effort, giving you as little or as much as you can handle and build from that point. We show you the options to help you achieve your personal goals. We want to make sure you feel a part of a group while obtaining your training, because you are not alone in wanting to be safe and proficient. It all comes down to how much time and money you are willing to invest in your training, proficiency and levels of competition style shooting.

Gun: This is our main focus in a lot of our training but the definition of a gun is just a weapon. We believe anything can be a weapon for attack or defense including the tools of your body. You just have to be confident and comfortable enough to use all of your tools to be safe.

Smart: You can be smart in many different areas. We want to give you the information to reach all your individual goals in your training so you can have the intelligence to help others in staying safe.

My Gun Smart aims for another key element in our successful training which is your attitude. Targeting the correct posture of your body and mental state to obtain the desired action every time is a big part of maintaining safety. Whatever tool you have at your disposal that has the capability of doing harm should be handled correctly and with the right attitude. This will help avoid injuries to yourself, your family and others.