May 24, 2015

Pistol Questionnaire

custom pistolsWe want to help AIM you in the right direction on your future pistol purchase.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the USA.  It can be here in Northern Virginia or thousands of miles away. We want to help narrow your search for just the right pistol for your personal needs. We have years of experience in self-defense, home protection, concealed handgun carrying and competition knowledge at our fingertips just waiting for the chance to help prevent you from wasting your time and money finding that exact pistol for you next purchase.

This is a free questionnaire, and all answers are confidential. This will only be used to help us to better understand your needs. My Gun Smart only offers this questionnaire to help you, as a responsible US citizen, exercise your legal right to bear arms. We would like to thank you ahead of time for your interest and thoroughness in such an important decision and allowing us to take a part in it.

The best gun you can own according to My Gun Smart can be summed up like this:

“The gun you have on you when you need it (or want it), the gun you have practiced repetitively with and know how to use, and the gun that works when you pull the trigger.”

Please answer the following questions honestly and to best of your knowledge. This is for your benefit, so what are you AIMING for?

You can select multiple answers for applicable questions by pressing and holding Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) while selecting your answers.

Your Name

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What do you intend to do with your pistol?
Conceal CarryHome ProtectionCompetitionOther

How much are you willing to spend on your next pistol?
Up to $400$401-$600$601-$800$801-$1,100$1,101+

How often do you intend to shoot in a year?
1-3 times a month1-3 times every 6 months1-3 times a yearAs much as possible

How often do you shoot firearms now per year?
Never shoot1-3 times a month1-3 times every 6 months1-3 times a yearAs much as possible

Where do you intend to shoot the most with your new pistol?
Commercial rangeHome rangeOther

What is your age bracket?

Do you have any physical limitations that would hinder you in the operation of any firearm?

How many firearms do you own?

How many firearms do you intend to own?

Do you have a specific caliber in which you are interested?