Wallet, Keys and Cell Phone

kwcp-minRecently I noticed an impressive front door rug saying these three things: wallet, keys, cell phone. I almost purchased the rug knowing how many times I found myself getting into my vehicle forgetting these items. My main focus is usually on my children and getting the diaper bag, cups and everything they need. By the time everyone is buckled in and I get behind the wheel and start my vehicle I’m usually running through the list in my mind realizing what I was unable to carry out with me on the first trip. This if frustrating and got me thinking about who else might be going through these same lists in their heads. I have had plenty of training in the military and elsewhere telling me all the items I need to carry to be prepared for anything. What would all of that look like on top all the cups, diapers, pacifiers and blankets? So I made a small list of these items so I could possibly make my own rug, but then I realized that no one would probably buy a rug that big!

New Rug Idea for Required Items

  • Wallet and cash clip in a separate pocket

  • Keys

  • Cell phone

  • Gun with holster which fits your attached light and/or laser

  • Extra magazines

  • Small, high lumens flash light

  • Diaper bag with cups, diapers, pacifier, ointment, medicine, clothes, blanket, food, snacks
  • Tactical belt and watch

  • Over the ankle boots with good traction

New Rug Idea for optional items

  • Backup ankle gun with holster

  • Knife with glass shattering tip

  • Laminated CHL in separate badge wallet

  • Bug out bag with essentials such as extra ammo, blanket, poncho, pair of clothes, first aid kit, batteries, extra flash light and knife, 72 hours of food and water, survival ax, Gerber, fire starter, rope and/or 550 cord

Thanks for taking the time to read my idea. I would like to give you a more serious idea — an idea I actually utilize and try to encourage others to do whenever I get the opportunity. Staying safe is of great importance, but you also need to be prepared in case of an emergency caused by a natural disaster or power outage. The FEMA web site and other resources have great information to help you get your own personalized emergency kit at home ready.


FEMA Emergency Supply List

Department of Homeland Security Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

Remember that these kits are just a simple way to be prepared. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on them to make them unique to what your family would need to survive an emergency.

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